Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Tea Bag Ruptures As Meaningless Debt Ceiling Bill Passes The House

After John Boehner reworked his bill to make the tea party happy, the House passed a bill which is now DOA and completely meaningless.

The final vote total was 218-210. Boehner got two votes more than he needed for passage.

The most interesting thing about this vote is that the entire Democratic caucus stayed together. Not a single Democrat supported the bill. Democrats who did nothing but bicker and feud while in the majority are now standing together as one against a bitterly divided GOP.

Boehner finally got the support of the House tea partiers by adding a constitutional balanced budget amendment to the bill, but this bill has no chance of moving forward. This means that the House GOP wasted critical days fighting with each other and pushed the country closer to default.

The Boehner bill doesn’t solve anything. It is a piece of ultra far right legislation that has already been rejected once by the US Senate, and they will waste no time rejecting it again. Speaker Boehner made numerous political miscalculations during his efforts to get a bill passed, but perhaps his biggest was that he did not even bother to consult House Democrats to see if he could come up with a bill that would get enough Democratic support to get around the tea party caucus.

This vote revealed that John Boehner is nothing more than a hopeless slave of the tea party. Boehner isn’t a leader. He is a follower who had to bend over backwards to get the support of enough tea partiers to pass the bill. Speaker Boehner was publicly humiliated. He suffered a resounding defeat. All the while Democrats have gotten to sit back and watch the House Republicans destroy themselves. The problem is that as the Republicans implode they may take the rest us down with them.

It is clear that the Republicans are fractured, bloodied, and bruised. They aren’t going to get anything out of the Democrats, and they might not be able to stop fighting with each other long enough to pass anything.

At the end of the day, the United States of America may default because the dysfunctional Republican Party collapsed under the weight of a crisis.

The House GOP’s debt ceiling follies should be proof to one and all why the GOP has been and will continue to be unfit to lead this country.

The Tea Bag Ruptures As Meaningless Debt Ceiling Bill Passes The House

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