Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rosie Jones Posts Sexiest Twitter Pic Ever

Rosie Jones Posts Sexiest Twitter Pic Ever

Rosie Jones
Forget it.
Don’t even try, ladies, the eternally shirtless Rosie Jones — with help from her friends, also lacking shirts — has posted the sexiest PG-rated Twitter picture ever. It is this:

Rosie Jones

That’s Rosie with Rhian Sugden’s boob in one hand and Emma Glover’s in her other. Meanwhile, Rhian and Emma each have grabbed onto one of Rosie’s hooters. Rhian, kind soul that she is, has reached across to fondle a fourth girl (India Reynolds, perhaps? Help us out) who is taking care of her other breast herself. Everyone’s safe at second base and none of the stuff that gets your pictures deleted from yfrog (that “stuff” is more specifically known as “nipples”) is showing.
Caption: “ooh yes they are heavy aren’t they!”
Well done girls!
And to the rest of you, thanks for playing.


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