Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old World Radio: Voices of History

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Voices of History - (45 Mp3 downloads available)

Voices of history archive. Listen to some of the most famous speeches and broadcasts of the yesteryear.

Show Title - (45 mp3 Downloads) Broadcast Date - Description Filesize
Japan Surrenders Sep 02, 1945 .85 MB
Hiroshima News Bulletin Aug 06, 1945 .36 MB
Eleanor Roosevelt Dec 07, 1941 .30 MB
Hitler Opens The Olympics Aug 01, 1936 .56 MB
Hitler Reoccupies The Rhineland Mar 07, 1936 .14 MB
Goebbels Oct 02, 1934 .85 MB
Hitler Reichstag Speech Jan 30, 1934 .61 MB
1st Pearl Harbor Bulletin   .07 MB
1st Service At Belson Conentration Camp   .13 MB
President Reagan - Tear Down That Wall   .15 MB
President JFK - Ask Not   .04 MB
President Eisenhower On Korea   .20 MB
President Bush - Desert Storm   .12 MB
Mussolini Speech   .06 MB
Lou Gehrig Farewell Speech   .05 MB
London Air Raid 1940   .16 MB
Lee Harvey Oswald In Hallway   .05 MB
Lee Harvey Oswald Did You Kill The President   .13 MB
Howard Carter On Opening King Tuts Tomb   .29 MB
Hitlers Death Announced   .14 MB
Hitler Youth Song   .04 MB
Hitler What, Me Intolerant   .20 MB
HG Wells On Economics & Politics   .14 MB
Hank Aaron Speech To Congress   .05 MB
George MCohan My Father Thanks You   .04 MB
George Bernanrd Shaw On The Pacifist Movement   .11 MB
Albert Einstein on Ghandi   .63 MB
Albert Einstein on the Bomb   .87 MB
Amelia Earhart - Women in Air Travel   .21 MB
Amelia Earhart the Pilot   .42 MB
Babe Ruth - 3 Ambitions   .56 MB
Babe Ruth - On Reporters   .80 MB
Babe Ruth - Says Goodbye   .62 MB
Balaclava Bugle Charge Of The Light Brigade   .17 MB
Big Ben Tolling In The 20th Century   .41 MB
Billy Sunday Temperance Sermon   .12 MB
Black Jack Pershing   .10 MB
Casey At The Bat   .12 MB
Charles Lindbergh Returns To USA   .32 MB
Commander Perry On The Polar Expedition   .11 MB
Douglas MacArthur Old Soldiers   .15 MB
Florence Nightingale God Bless My Old Comrades   .80 MB
From Tanquility Base The Eagle Has Landed   .66 MB
Gandhi Denying Pro-Violence Statement   .90 MB
Gandhi Pleasant Memories   .48 MB


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