Something to Do

Procatinator    Procatinator is a blend of cat GIFs with music.

GeoGuesser   You get a random place from Google Street View, you can’t zoom out. Guess where you are!

Unplug the TV   Offers you hundreds of interesting and useful videos, making watching TV unnecessary

Flight Radar   Live flight radar integrated with Google Maps. Check out what kind of plane is flying above you!

Snopes    You heard a rumor about someone/something, but you don’t believe it? Visit, where myths get busted.

NickReboot    Cartoons from 90’s. Streaming 24/7

Fucking Homepage    If you don’t mind adult language, than you will like this site. Every day you will find useful links, informations and quotes there.

Yup, that exists   Odd things, that exists for some reason. Can be nsfw sometimes.

One Tiny Hand    Someone is altering images, and make people’s one hand smaller. The pictures are hilarious!   Have fun subconsciously drawing vaginas or whatever.

Drinkify               creates signature cocktail suggestions to pair with your favorite artists, is a perfect example of when these worlds collide. It combines elements many of us have come to enjoy about hack days: music, booze, and playing with insane amounts of data — in this case, data about music and booze. 

Amazing Planet

World Life Expectancy has one of the largest global health and life expectancy databases in the world. Explore it thru thousands of pages of Maps and Charts

"THIS DAY" is a web content page that shows what happened on that day in the past, at some place in the world.

Dark Flash Animations based on historic Ghost stories and folklore from the 1800's.

Blow Stuff Up

Test Your Reflexes

Draw A Stickman

Interactive map of all online newspapers in the world. Takes you there *and* translates.

Rock, Paper, Scissors You vs. The Computer

Doggelganger analyzes your photo, finds a dog that looks like you

Amazing Fact Generator
Binary Clock

Video Time Machine Watch videos from 1860 until the present

Homestyler A site where you can design your dream home

Instructables is a web site where passionate people share what they do and how they do it

Pop Some Bubble Wrap Feeling Stressed or having a bad day?

Online Word Search is a website where you can play word find games. Find over 500 different game boards with over fifty different categories.

The Miniature Earth

 Play Games Free Online

*Cyriak animations, videos, comics of all sorts on this site

*Need to find out the weather in your area or your IP address? If so, why not make it fun and sexy?

Justin TV is a website that allows users to produce and watch live streaming video.

I Check Movies: Keep track of the movies you have seen

World Meter

Photographs from the Arkansas State Prison 1915-1937

Vector Park

The Cross of Cards

Jackson Pollock

Amazing Card Trick

What Time Is It?


America in the years before WWII