That's Music To My Ears

That's Music To My Ears

The Nostalgia Machine

Johnny Cash and The Dancing Seat Girls
The Oldest Known Melody from 1400BC
I Only Listen To...
Johnny Cash vs. Cypress Hill
People in an airport are Greeted by a Singing Mob
People Are Strange by The Doors through Drawings
I Have No Arms and I Must Play
Lindsey Stirling: Violin Prodigy
The Johnny Cash Project
Welcome to the Jungle...on cellos
This guy is a totally awesome musician
The Turret Opera Your Ears Will Have Erections
The Darkside of Oz
Pipe Dream
Obama Extra Juicy
Man of Constant Sorrow
Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot
Hang Cousins
Gimme Shelter by Playing For Change the around the World Musicians
Awesome Dub FX Street Musician
Andy McKee "Drifting"
90's Dance Hits in a capela

Bill Graham's Concert Catalog
"Seal" Acoustic Concert
Arctic Monkeys
Band of Gypsys (Jimi Hendrix) Fillmore East 1970
Black Sabbath
Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock 1969
John Butler Trio
John Mayer
Johnny Cash Live in San Quentin (1969)
Kiss (1979)
Pink Floyd-Live at Pompei
The Foo Fighters 4/12/11
Laura Marling

Psychedelic Pioneers

Jefferson Airplane
The Blues Magoos
The Doors
The Zombies
13th Floor Elevators
The Spencer Davis Group
The Yardbirds
The Standells
The Seeds
The Music Machine
The Kinks
The Byrds
Syndicate of Sound
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dino Valenti

A Fixed Natural Order to the Cosmos

Elvis Presley
The Beatles
James Taylor

Playing For Change

Drinkify a website that suggests what you should drink when listening to different artists, bands, people, etc.

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The Beatles Anomalies List

"I Sing About Life" Marvin Gaye

The History of Country Music  1920's-2000

How to Make Your Bands Album Cover

6 Degrees of Black Sabbath    Find the path that connects two artists

Festival Finder Your local event and world festival calendar of events! Find a music festival, film festival or even a jazz festival!

Text to music Translator

Steromood Behind every song there's always an emotion 

You paint (flash) while the track is playing. Nice music, amazing appliance.

This Day in Music  
Not sure what the name of a song is?
Tap the song rhythm and SongTapper does the rest.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Wolfgang’s Vault
The world's largest collection of live music audio, video and merchandise

Rolling Stone Music News

Billboard Hot 100

A sampling of some of the worst album covers ever. You can actually purchase some of these breathtakingly ugly albums for your own collection.