Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open Letter to OccupyWallSt

by Aniadrift

Sorry for gushing, but I feel the need to right now. When the mass evictions started happening, I was filled with a sense of despair. Now that I see this, that despair has been replaced with inspiration. My heart bursts with it. I want you people to know, all of you who have been in the streets fighting, that you have given me hope for the country that I never thought I would have before. That before this movement started, I was one of the apathetic, ready to give up on the system and just try to leave the country as soon as possible. That because of your movement, I am now alive again, ready to fight for my country, ready to change this corrupt system. That because you have done this for me, I know you have done this for millions of others as well. People will tell you that you fight in vain, that you are accomplishing nothing, that you have no direction, that your actions are pointless. But your actions are far from this. You have destroyed the greatest enemy to freedom, and the greatest ally of the ruling class: Apathy.

I see these people out in the streets and I know now that this movement cannot be stopped. That this is the climax of a decades-long battle for the soul of humanity itself. Cynics will laugh at me for saying this, and the loyalists will call me a dirty hippie and a criminal and all the other things they have grown fond of calling us. But these people do not matter. To history, they will be irrelevant. To history, there is only you. Ignore the loyalists, ignore the cynics, keep fighting. Shut them down. Shut the entire god damn system down. No one can stop this. I love you all.

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