Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Candidates Aren't The Only Problem - Americans are Bad Voters.

by RotoSequence

A representative government is not representative when there isn't representative voting. I don't think there's a single greater threat to our democracy today than American voter apathy; our current rates of voter participation scare me to death. Participation is vital for the opinions of the people to be expressed in order to influence the governance of the people.
If you want to see America change, you must change how America participates in Government.

We honestly need a movement in this country for deep, severe, and fundamental voting, election and campaign financing reform.

The bottom line is simple. The system is set up for those with money to be able to buy politicians.
This will never change until we enact
  1. Campaign Finance reform - Public fund only; no private, corporate, personal, or other public funds can be given. Amount determined by scheduled benchmark votes. Final vote always a choice between 5-10 with a maximum of two from each party.
  2. Voting System reform - Schulze Method (rated choice) on open-source software and hardware voting machines and internet voting with checks and balances built in (you can check your vote at any time etc).
  3. Shortest Splitline Districts - We have a completely unbias method for choosing boundaries for congressional districts. We should use it.
  4. Political Party reform - Schultz Method voting erodes the party system but the proposed system should embrace a diverse political party system.
  5. Mixed-Member proportional - Now that your political process has had most of its corruption physically removed, you can give them a bone and make the proportion of congress more representative of the actual will of the people.

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