Sunday, February 5, 2012

How I See Our Generation As Feeling Politically ('85-'95 born kids)

by DirtyStringsTheory

They told us we could grow up to be anything. They told us we were to be the most successfull, most pertinent American generation the world would ever see. We could be CEO's, we could be astronauts, we had an entire world open to us. But here's the thing. Even though that isn't true any more, and it isn't, we haven't forgotten what you told us about ourselves. You showed us how to want things for ourselves. You showed us that it was appropriate that we recognize our power as individuals.
Then you showed us that governments are supposed to be afraid of their people, not the other way around. And you've shown us what to do when an unjust minority controls the lives of the greater population. You taught us about class strife and economic warfare and economic social regulation. You've taught us about environmental racism and the fact that those born in the projects are modeled to stay there forever. You've taught us about the estate tax. You've taught us the effect of a social security tax holiday and its ultimate destruction of a needed system. You've already made all of your moves clear to those that want to see them. You told us the very rules you use to control the rest of the country. You taught us about the very corruption we parade as liberty.
We see the political system for what it is. We understand the two party system is rigged from the get go. Anyone not voting for essentially the same two parties is reduced to the lunatic fringe. The general outlook difference between the republican and democratic parties is played up in the media while both sides and their politicians continue to have their hands in the pants of big money through lobbyists. It is money that decides our legislation. Yes, there are some honest politicians. But 3 senators and 14 congressmen are not enough to fight the overwhelming tide of corruption. One Bernie Sanders is not enough to fight hundreds of Lamar Smith's. Our legislation has been used to keep the middle class from growing and incresing its potential, and in fact has been used to keep the middle class from continuing their standard of living. By the context of the dollar our generation would make less money than our parents and our parent's parents.
Our culture has been reduced to tribalist subcultures. We have fundamentalists and atheists; we have the poor and the rich. We're only able to identify ourselves by finding others that we disagree with and saying "We're not them." We have no mass culture. We have no real culture at all. Even our national holidays are downplayed. Martin Luther King Day. Veteran's Day. Fourth of July. More people will tune in to watch one of the most unexciting Superbowls in history than can tell you why Veteran's Day used to be called Armistice Day. Or when it was implemented. Or why. Our media has been reduced to garbage used strictly to turn out higher numbers or influence public opinion in preordained ways. Turning on the television to CNN or FOX or MSNBC or local news is disgusting. There is no objectivism, there is no honesty in reporting facts or trying to report facts. Our culture lacks the respect it needs to have for the people, and our people lack the capacity to understand they must respect the culture.
And you've made a huge mistake. Because we were listening, and as it turns out, you were right. Whether you wanted it this way or not, we are the most pertinent generation. We will make the call as to where this country is going. You have given us the power to decide whether or not to allow this corruption to become the way of life for our kids, and our posterity. And you better damn well believe we're going to take care of those who come after us. We will not let you take us down a path of intolerance based on false values. We will not let you drag our economy and our lives through the gutter for the sake of keeping the wealthy wealthy. We will not allow you to destroy our culture with a lack of education funding and state sponsored lunacy. You may not take our values, our understanding of the world. They are ours; we shall defend them. There are tons of us who learned to step back and take things in objectively. Those who learned to understand a system before trying to change it. We understand perfectly how this society we have in these United States came about. And we understand perfectly the ways and parts that must come undone for the betterment of every citizen of our great country. This is not a threat or a warning or a reprimand. This is a statement of facts. This is advice as to what is about to come in this great country of ours. We harbor no resentment towards those in power. Obviously this is what they're used to, and change can be frightening. But the world has changed. Globalization isn't just an economic term. It describes the social culture of the world. We are all interconnected. And we must change with the world.

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  1. This is a generational revolution of consciousness, and there is no difference between OWS, the rioters in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, China, Portugal, Greece, England -- and all the other protesting nations whose majority of youth see through the nonsense....videonarc