Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 days left for our best shot at killing CISPA. We have a strategy, need help spreading it.

CISPA, the bill in Congress that would end privacy on the internet, has gone through a tricky legislative maze that has a lot of people confused. Here's the deal: CISPA is now tucked inside of Senate bill S.2105, which has bipartisan congressional support, is being actively supported by the Obama Admin., and is scheduled for a vote in early June. It's alive and well, and on a clear path to becoming law.
The Senate goes on recess next week, which means we have exactly 3 days to make calls before they leave for a week and then come back for the vote. The most important thing we can do with that time is to try to get meetings scheduled with our senators while they are in their home states over the recess. This is a proven grassroots strategy that was key to killing SOPA. We can beat CISPA if we do this.

Here's the site we put together -- use it to call your senators and request a meeting ::
Good guy Sen. Wyden said yesterday that this bill would create a "cyber industrial complex [...] that profits from fear and whose currency is Americans' private data." He's right, and our best shot at stopping it from becoming law is getting this strategy spread out far and wide right now.

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