Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Relaxing? Working? Throwing a party? Songza plays the right music for any situation

We Believe That Good Music Makes Life Worth Living.

So we built a website where you can easily find music you love, and listen to it for free.
Songza is special for two reasons: our unique radio stations and the way we help people find them.
Our radio stations cover a wide array of themes, contexts, interests, activities, feelings and eras. For example, we have stations called "Songs In Apple Commercials," "90s One-Hit Wonders," and "Music of Fashion Week." Our stations are also made by real people, not algorithms. Some of these people are the music experts that work at Songza, but most of them are users like you and your friends, who want to share their handmade stations with the community.
In order to help you find these great radio stations, we personalize your Songza experience based on your interests. (Think: Netflix, but for music.) Additionally, we use Facebook Connect to show you what your friends are listening to and enjoying, because sometimes that's the best way to discover new music.
Our mission is to help you find the radio station that perfectly fits your mood or whatever you're doing right now; in other words, to help you find your soundtrack.
Welcome and thanks for checking us out. Now go find your soundtrack.

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