Sunday, June 17, 2012

An alleged invitation to join the Rolling Stones (which he turned down) becoming the Greatest Unkown Guitarist in the World (1971)

                                                               King of A Small Room

Roy Buchanan (September 23, 1939 – August 14, 1988) was an American guitarist and blues musician. A pioneer of the Telecaster sound, Buchanan was a sideman and solo artist, with two gold albums early in his career, and two later solo albums that made it on to the Billboard chart. Despite never having achieved stardom, he is still considered a highly influential guitar player. Ranked #57 on the Rolling Stone list "100 Greatest Guitarists of all Time," Guitar Player praised him as having one of the "50 Greatest Tones of all Time."

"At some point rocker Charlie Daniels signed Roy to record a studio album for Polydor Records, and they assembled enough tracks in Nashville, but Buchanan canned the LP, complaining that Daniels had made him sound too much like everyone else (four tracks turned up on Polygram’s 1992 collection, Sweet Dreams). Buchanan later told journalist Tom Zito that at this point he turned down – through Daniels – a job offer from the Rolling Stones stemming from Brian Jones’ death in July 1969. It’s a great story: a guitarist too hot, too disinterested in fame to join the Stones. Unfortunately, Daniels himself told me that he had never even heard that story, nor spoken to the Stones. Could this oft-repeated tale simply be one of Roy’s “greatest hits,” one of the greatest stories ever told in rock and roll circles?"

He drew upon many influences while learning to play guitar, he claimed his aptitude derived from being "half-wolf"

Jeff Beck dedicated his version of "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" from Blow by Blow to Roy Buchanan. Written by Stevie Wonder.

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