Sunday, August 5, 2012

This homeless man's rabbit was thrown over a bridge by a passerby and he immediately jumped in to the river to save her and resuscitated her. He won an award, was given animal food and a job, and the passerby was charged with animal cruelty

A well known and liked homeless man who has fallen upon hard times keeps two pets a small Jack Russell Terrier and a rabbit. They are his companions and rarely leave his side. On this particular evening a young man of 18 decides to commit a horrible act of animal cruelty by stealing the rabbit and tossing in into the river Liffey. The homeless man leaps to the rescue of his beloved pet and braves the tidal river. Miraculously he manages to save the rabbit from drowning but in the process becomes stranded below the bridge. Freezing cold and unable to reach the bank the awaits his own rescue by the Dublin fire brigade.

Half way through the rescue the man is seen scuffling with the rescue team this was down to the fact they were taking him away from the bridge where his dog was waiting.

Reports after the event claim the person responsible for throwing the rabbit into the river was arrested on charges of public disorder and animal cruelty. he is due in court July 21st to face the charges. The homeless man and his pets are fine and can still be seen begging on the streets of Dublin.

The rabbit's name is Bernie and the man's John.

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  1. well I heard that he was a heroin addict and that he offered the dealers the rabbit for payment, they took it home and planted it but no beanstalk grew so they took it back but then they were told that if they kissed it then it would turn into a loving prostitute that would work 24/7 and earn them enough money to pay of the debt. they thought this story was rubbish and upon giving him a good kick threw him off the bridge, as soon as the rabbit saw this he put on his rabbit cape and flew down to save his owner and drag him to safety using nothing more then his teeth, of course no one would believe this outrages story so they decided to swap story's and earn some easy cash from the over rated newspapers.......