Sunday, October 7, 2012

If Romney wins, America is screwed...and it has nothing to do with his policies.

by Death_to_all_Humans

Almost immediately after President Obama was elected, the republican leadership decided that its #1 goal was to make sure he did not get re-elected. The last four years have been an exercise in obstructionist policies, wherein congressional republicans did everything they could to prevent the President from accomplishing anything regardless of how it would have helped the American people. Then they blamed it on him in the hopes that the American people would fall for it and vote for whomever ended up being the republican nominee.
If Romney wins, it would be a validation of that strategy. It would prove that the American populace is gullible enough to blame the President for the actions (or rather, inaction) of a do-nothing congress. If that strategy is validated, the republican party would repeat it whenever a democratic president was elected. The democratic party, meanwhile, would have two choices.
Choice number one is to do the same thing to a hypothetical President Romney, and to future republican presidents. Just like congressional republicans put the desires of their party over the needs of the American people, so would this hypothetical democratic opposition obstruct any legislation that would benefit the populace, and then blame it on the President. In this scenario, nothing would ever get accomplished, since any political action that benefited the American people would reflect well on the President, which is contrary to the goals of an opposition party using this strategy. The result: America is screwed.
The second option would be to do work with the President and do their job, which is to represent their constituency and the needs of the populace. This, however, wouldn't have the result of making the President look bad, so the democratic party would be at a tremendous disadvantage over the long run. As a result, were the democratic party to do their job while the republican party obstructs and plays political games, only right-wing policies would ever be passed. Without the balancing effect of multiple parties with different viewpoints, the American political system would skew even farther to the right, the eventual end being either fascism or theocracy, depending on which branch of the republican party gains the most power. The result: America is screwed, again.
My viewpoint is that the upcoming election is not a referendum on President Obama, nor is it about Governor Romney. It is about the republican party and their obstructionism, their strategy of putting party ahead of duty in a blatant attempt to "win". I'm voting democratic or independent in all races because I am fed up with members of congress who think their party is more important than their country.
Right now I'm pretty scared at the prospect of a Romney victory.

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