Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a reminder of everything Wall Street has done in the last 5 years.

by ShellOilNigeria

Help to raise awareness of the Corrupt and Crooked Wall Street banks and their cronies in Washington and The Federal Reserve. Post links to corruption and news stories about those topics so that everyone can understand how bad it really is. Media needs to become aware and get regular people pissed off more than they already are at Wall Street. The blinders must be removed from mainstream society. Information is the key to exposing corruption on any level.

Gather it, share it.

The Shit Hits the Fan Below - Spread to Everyone You Know - Self explanitory - Watch video. - Bank of America Fraud leaks on Russian Times - BofA fraud leaks on Fox. - This link is to the Bank of America Fraud Documents. - Bank of America pays $137 million in different fraud case.
- Great Article about the Fraud on Wall Street. - Great article on how Economic Bubbles are created by Wall Street. 0/07/16/business/16goldman.html - Goldman Sachs the largest and most powerful Wall Street bank pays $550 million to settle fraud charges against them. - Story of how JPMorgan the huge Wall Street bank is manipulating the Silver market. - Whistleblower tell his story about corruption in the Home Morgtage market. - Another article describing all of the obvious fraud in the morgtage market. - More Fraud - "Judges are signing off on up to 25 foreclosures an hour. That's one about every two minutes.” - Story about MERS which is a company set up by Wall Street in order to help Morgtage Fraud excellerate. - Tungsten Plated Gold Bars - Story about the Tungsten Bars - Story about how the Federal Reserve manipulates the stock market, which effects everyone. - Fraud in the bank to bank loan rates. - UBS Bank Whistleblower gets prison sentence for helping to uncover fraud. - Bank of America charged in Fraud case.
- Citi Group forced to pay fraud fine.

Note- there are many more cases of fraud but this is just a start. The media should take a hold of and report about on how the corruption is out of hand and something needs to be done.

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