Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kurt Cobain getting punched by a bouncer.


The club was alarmingly overcrowded; people could barely breathe, let alone move. In the middle of a song, Kurt suddenly took off his guitar and tomahawking the monitor by the side of the stage. He broke his favorite Mustang guitar, but he also broke the monitor board. After a long delay as the crowd chanted “bullSHIT! bullSHIT!” they got the monitor to work again through one speaker and the band resumed the set.
Unfortunately, the monitor system belonged to the best friend of one of the bouncers at the show, a heavily tattooed, mohawked gentleman with the regulation butt-crack peering above the back of his jeans. During “Love Buzz” Kurt jumped into the audience and although the bouncer made it seem as if he was trying to pull Kurt out of the audience he was actually holding him by the hair and hitting him. “I decided to get one good blow in before he beat me up after the show,” Kurt says. “So I smacked him in the face with my guitar. He got a big gash on his forehead.” The bouncer punched Kurt in the back of the head while his back was turned and Kurt crumpled; then he kicked him while he was down. In a flash, Dave vaulted over the front of his drum set; two roadies held the bouncer, rivulets of blood streaming down his face, while Chris stood between him and Kurt and told him to cool it.
Eventually, the band came back on stage and played another half-hour. Someone had placed a wooden loading palette over the monitor board just in case Kurt got any more wild ideas.
After the show, the bouncer was waiting outside for the band with a couple of his friends. “They all happened to be wearing Carcass and S.O.D. T-shirts,” Kurt says, “like speed metal meatheads.” “He was totally violent and macho,” Kurt continues. “He was screaming, beet red with blood all over himself. ‘I’m gonna kill you!’” The band took off in a cab, only to get caught in traffic jam right in front of the club, like some nightmarish version of A Hard Day’s Night. The bouncer and his friends began thumping on the cab and eventually one of them kicked in a window and tried to grab Kurt just as the cab pulled away.
A little later, the cabdriver pulled over, took a joint down from his sun visor, and they all took a few tokes to calm down.

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