Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photos of 70′s Rock stars at their parents houses

Frank Zappa with his parents Francis and Rosemary in California. Credit: John Olson, Life.  By the way, if you already haven’t you have to check this book out.  It’s one of the funniest, most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time.  It stayed in my bathroom for about 6 months.  Nice one matching your shirt to the walls, Frank.

David Crosby with his father Floyd in father’s house in Ojai, California.  Credit: John Olson, Life

Grace Slick with her mom Virginia Wing in her mom’s home in Palo Alto, California.  Credit: John Olson, Life . That blue chair rocks.

Elton John with his mom Shelia and dad (actually stepfather) Fred Fairebrother hanging out in their London apartment.  Credit: John Olson, Life .  CHeck out those boots on his mom – nothing more pimpin’ than boots that match your shirt.  Looks like Elton got his fashion sense from his mom.

Donovan and his parents in England, also The Jackson Five with their parents in Encino, California.  Credit: John Olson, Life

Eric Clapton with his grandmother Rose in the house he bought her in Surrey, England.  Credit: John Olson, Life .  I’m thinking Eric’s grandma cut up her previous drapes to make his vest.  

Here we have rhythm master Ritchie Havens with his parents Richard and Mildred hanging out in their home in Brooklyn, NY, 1971. Love the glasses, guys. [Credit: John Olson, Life]

A second picture of Grace Slick who is holding her daughter, China, upside down (!) by the ankles, with her mom, Virginia Wing, sitting on the sofa in her mom’s home in Palo Alto, California.. 1970 [Credit: John Olson, Life]

Joe Cocker sits with his mother Marjorie in her home in Sheffield, England, 1970 [Credit: John Olson, Life]

Ginger Baker, maniac drummer with rock band Cream, posing with his mother, Ruby Streatfield. They are outside her home, 1971 [Credit: John Olson, Life]

Another Jackson five picture with their parents (clockwise): Jackie, parents Joe and Katherine, Marion, Tito, Jermaine, and Michael in their backyard. Encino, California 1970.  Oh man, I wish I have my little Honda 50cc minibike again!   As we all know, Michael completely perfected Grace Slick’s “dangerous baby” move a few years ago. [Credit: John Olson, Life]


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