Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best behind-the-scenes photos from classic films.


A selection of some of the most awesome Behind-the-scenes shots from some famous movies found at aintitcool.com. Back when set designs were huge and hand made, when special effects where mechanic and photographic and film stars were risking their lives on the set.

     A self portrait of Stanley Kubrick with his daughter, Jack Nicholson and the crew @ the set of The Shining.

                   on the set of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis — the actress inside the Maria robot taking a breather.
                                                 The Empire Strikes Back - filming the Crawl.
                      Rebel Without A Cause — James Dean, Natalie Wood and director Nicholas Ray.
                                                                         Sesame Street
                               Requiem for a Dream — Jennifer Connelly strapped into a SnorriCam.
                                       The Gate (1987) — Giant special effect set. © Craig Reardon
                                            The Birds (1961) — Tippi Hedren with Hitchcock.
                                                   Rio Bravo — Hawks and Angie Dickinson
                                                                     set of Alien.
                               on the set of Mothra (1961) - special effects director Tsuburaya Eiji
                                                    Dr. Strangelove — Sellers & Kubrick.
    The French Connection — The Rig set in Gene Hackman's car before one of the best car-chase scenes in movie history.
                        Tron (1982) — David Warner and Bruce Boxleitner fuck around in costume.
                                                                         The Howeling.
                                     Nosferatu (1922) — only Max Schreck “lounged” like that.
                                                                 on the set of Faust.
                                                           Godfather — fish-line bullet holes.
                                                   Marathon Man — Hoffman & Olivier.
                                                                     King Kong (1933)
                                             on the spaceship set of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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