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There is no Compromise With a Party That Has Historically Screamed for a Shutdown

It’s merely days away until the deadline for our country to default or the debt ceiling to be raised and thus far, it’s been calamitous. After struggling to appease the Tea Party-led House, Speaker John Boehner’s bill to raise the debt limit and reduce the deficit was just passed.
The bill passed in a close 218-210 vote, with no Democratic support and losing 22 Republicans. Now it will move on to the Senate, where Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated that it will go nowhere.
In January, the Tea Party-led House took control, after campaigning vociferously against Government spending, yet they couldn’t name a single item they would cut.
Here we are now in the present time, seeking compromise before our country defaults and Americans suffer the consequences. Since Boehner was besieged in his efforts to appease the Tea Party, where will compromise occur since his bill just passed?

House Speaker John Boehner promised previously that all major bills would be posted online for 72 hours, so we can only assume that he’s been in panic mode while tweaking his new bill, after his last one failed to meet expectations — Boehner hasn’t posted his new bill online as of yet — he suffered a shutdown previously when working with Newt Gingrich, and knows all too well it doesn’t fare well for the party initiating it.
Let’s assume he’s caught in the moment given he’s between a rock and the Tea Party, since they are the powers that be, that voted him in.

Americans are angry at both party’s politicians inability to negotiate on the nation’s debt crisis. House Speaker John Boehner called a closed door meeting of the entire House Republican conference telling them, “Get your ass in line. I can’t do this job unless you’re behind me.”
Michele Bachmann, a leader of the Tea Party caucus and a GOP candidate did not ‘get her ass in line’ in support for Boehner’s bill. Bachmann has said unequivocally that she will not vote to raise the nation’s borrowing limit, despite the looming threat of default.
Ron Paul, another GOP candidate slammed John Boehner’s plan and does not advocate raising the debt limit.
Half term Governor of Alaska and Tea Party heroine Sarah Palin (who will not let the public know her intentions of whether she’s running for the Oval Office, or not) led a chorus of calls to stand firm, “We cannot rob from our children and grandchildren’s tomorrow to pay for our unchecked spending today.” Of course, her kids will be fine as she’s paid quite well by Fox News and her failed reality show — as well as her trademarked name.

Tim Pawlenty, another GOP canidate boasts in an ad that he’s shut the government down previously.

While the Tea Party cheers on a government shutdown, hard working Americans will suffer the downfall. The federal government makes payments to some 80 million individuals, companies and entities every month.
As these unrelenting Tea Partiers remain without compromise in sight, analysts at Barclays Capital estimated that the Treasury would have only $30 billion in cash on hand the morning of Aug. 3 — not enough to pay the $22 billion owed to Social Security recipients plus the additional $10 billion owed to others that day. Defense contractors may not get paid until the crisis is resolved. Aid to the poor, tuition, special education, unemployment benefits and housing will be at risk. A massive amount of federal employees could and most likely will find themselves furloughed.
Remember, “Get your government hands off my Medicare”? That will be at possible risk as well as Medicaid. But, the talk of Obama going after Medicare was simply propaganda promoted by Fox News and GOPers, all trying for a power grab.
So, tell me. Who the hell is there to compromise with? Boehner must be taking aspirin hourly in an attempt to save us from a default while keeping Tea Party support. No wonder Mr. Boehner walked out of meetings to negotiate a deal and I can’t blame the President either. What’s he supposed to do — lock the Tea Party led House in a room full of Democrats and fight it out?
Dems have met spending cut expectations, even Harry Reid’s which did not raise taxes on the wealthy — but the Tea Party backed House said, no. We can only conclude, Tea Party Republicans want the government to default and shutdown, just as they’ve been applauding, for some time now — but, only when a Democrat is in office.
Since President Obama was sworn into office, immediately thereafter, talk of a government shutdown commenced. Their temper tantrums are just louder now. Either Boehner needs to stand up to them, demanding a better route to take for the sake of our economy, or he will have to fall in line with the Tea Party caucus that has been his main support, knowing full well the last shutdown was a miserable failure for Newt Gingrich.
Mr. House Speaker, they don’t want to compromise with America. Polls conclude that ‘we the people’ do not want to default and we are angry.

Sarah Palin Tweet courtesy of Political Carnival.

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