Thursday, August 4, 2011

If you want a brilliant look at how fucked the working class is.....just watch

This video is a must see. If you want to watch Paul Ryan cower in fear of real journalists who aren't paid to be "fair and balanced", if you want real journalistic coverage of the bipartisan robbery of the working class, please watch this and enjoy. If you were floored by Michael Moore's Documentary on this subject "Capitalism: A Love Story", this will be right up your alley. I strongly encourage you to spread this documentary far and wide.

Exposing how the rich have bribed our entire Democracy, Al Jazeera takes a hard look at the Koch Brothers, the vast poverty and inequality that the wealthiest among us have created for their own benefit, and the ugly reality that we don't have Democracy in America, just a lovely kabuki show where both parties carry out the same Shock Doctrine on behalf of the wealthiest American's who fund their campaigns.

If you want a brilliant look at how fucked the working class is, if you want an outside observers look at how badly President Obama sold out everyone who isn't a millionaire to keep his Wall Street backers happy this week, if you want a look into why the rich are as greedy and callous and un-democratic as they are and why they continue to get away with it, just watch.

What you have witnessed is the bipartisan theft of over a trillion dollars in pure political theater, over a trillion dollars transferred from the poor to the super rich, a bipartisan act of total class war. This class war is financed by the super rich against working class people and has resulted in record income inequality, a middle class that is disappearing, and millions upon millions of American citizens being pushed out of their homes, out of their jobs and into poverty and hopelessness. The super rich have accomplished this massive transfer of wealth from the working class to themselves by buying BOTH political parties. It is clear that Democrats are owned by the same wealth Oligarchy of Super Wealthy people that own the GOP, and if you can tell me that is not true you are either lying or delusional.

So why do Democrats never have a spine? Because they are competing for campaign donations from the same people who fund the GOP, and those wealthy donors want the same things of the Democrats that they want from the GOP, more money and more power. When push comes to shove, the Democratic Establishment will throw the working class under the bus every time because they are not as afraid of losing their political base as they are of losing their wealthy donors.

What is the cause of America's income inequality crisis, a crisis that has created poverty, harmed the working class and given a disproportionate amount of wealth and political power to a select few wealthy Plutocrats? It's simple! It's that the super rich have spent the last few decades buying our politicians from both sides of the isle, and those investments have paid off spectacularly.

There is a plutonomy that caters to the super rich, the rest of you proles are screwed (me included). The answer to the question of what is wrong with the economy is simple, it's the Oligarchy, stupid. The super rich own BOTH parties and have rigged the political and economic systems in America to benefit only the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

The key quote: The rich have a good reason to worry.

"Well they've got to worry, because this degree of inequity will ultimately lead to social upheaval. It's that acute, but the politicians are not listening, they are listening to the lobbyists, they are listening to the wealthy people."

I apologize for the lack of a transcript, but since this documentary is 25 minutes long I'm sure you will understand. If I can find a transcript I will include one, but before I finish I must ask you this, because after this last act of bipartisan shock doctrine kabuki I am fighting to ask myself a hard question.

So, here goes.

If the Democratic Party is totally FUBAR, totally spineless, totally owned by the same people who own the Republican Party and committed to the same class war that the GOP is engaged in, whereby the rich are made richer at the expense of everyone else, if the choices in our elections boil down to a cruel Republican Shock Doctrine or a kinder, gentler, more moderate version of the GOP's shock doctrine, then do we even have a "choice"? And if not, when do we start marching in the streets?

You know what the worst part of all this is? The American media refuses to tell the average American how totally screwed they are by this rigged economy and our bribery based shamocracy. I had to hear it from Al Jazeera. Imagine if we had journalism like this in America. Maybe people would be marching in the streets already.

It has come to this. The banks own the joint, the rich have screwed us all, and they want more, they want your social security money, they want to steal your medicare, and BOTH parties will help them. This is a fact. The question is, what are YOU going to do about it?

Peace and love to all


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