Friday, October 28, 2011

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If the media doesn't care about peaceful protestors getting shot in the face, then we should do the following.

by lifeislame

I will forgo explaining why taking action is important.
However, many people say they simply ignore the media. This is fine, but utterly useless in grabbing the attention of anyone who still gets news from TV.
We should organize an internet-wide comment flood to fill their front page news stories and others in every category with comments linking to the videos of the protest. We can use the media to our advantage and communicate directly with a portion of their viewership.
This is the only way to get through to those people, and I suggest we do it. It will be far more effective than a boycott, or any other inactive plan.
Ready, set, go!
Youtube search results for Occupy Oakland
Edit: I apparently need to reiterate; the purpose is not to communicate to the media, but rather to communicate to the people crawling the sites who have no idea what is going on. Telling people what's going on in the comment sections, and linking to the police brutality video, is going to win over the hearts and minds of whoever sees it.
Very important edit: take a look at how ABC is covering this story

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