Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad Gaga, photos of Lady Gaga before she became a superstar

These pictures of you know who were taken in 2007 by Darnell Scott for a magazine called VAIN. Obviously, and maybe even predictably, what's her name doesn't look at all like her current self, but then, you know what that looks like anyways. Apart from the horrendous shoes, the hanging off a toilet cubicle, and "sexy" floor-sweeping, there's nothing to see here at all.

Vice: Hey Darnell. What are these pics I'm looking at?
Darnell Scott: It was for this magazine, VAIN, that was releasing its first issue back in like, 2007-ish. They were doing a feature on two artists - one was Lady Gaga and the other was some dude called Brandon Beal. The original idea was this "rags to rockstar" idea where they were going to share spreads and she would be the "rags" and the other guy would be the "rockstar". I think two years later, when the magazine finally came out, it was a webzine and they did something entirely different, I guess due to her exploding fame. For the record, none of these were my idea.
Where were these shot?
The Cutting Room in NYC.
And had you met her before the shoot?
I had met her a few times before. She was super-close with a friend of mine and she used to come out to some of those bottle service parties that were thrown all the time. I just didn't know her as a musician, only as Stephanie. Though, she did tell me she played music. Then I saw her on-set and was like, "Oh, snap! That's hella tight we're working together!" I honestly didn't know she was already paving her way to fame.

Have you seen her since she became mega-famous?
I've seen her once at 1oak. I went over and said "Hi" and she totally gave me the 'do I know you' face. I was over it. Ha ha.
What was she like on the shoot? When you saw her in those lace gloves with the tie stuffed between her boobs, did you say to yourself 'this woman is the future face of fashion'?
Her lace gloves? Dude, I was focusing on the tie, hoping for a nipple slip. As for her, if fucking charisma had a form, she would be it. Through all the lame things she was told to do, she was really fun. She took it into her own hands and I think that's why they probably didn't keep that rags to riches idea. She was actually pretty nice and down to earth too. Not sure if that's changed, but fuck it, she's rich. I'm sure she doesn't give a shit.

Who styled the clothes?
I have no idea. I think there were like, four stylists for some reason.
The clothes are kinda bad.
I dunno... I'm not bad-mouthing it or anything, but I feel like they maybe they didn't really do their research.
I just don't think the shoot overall went the way I wanted it to go. I was new to the pre-celebrity game back then.

What would you have done differently if you knew where she was gonna end up?
I would have shot it differently if I had creative direction in general! Dude, she blew up right when I moved to Arizona and all I heard were people out there talking about her constantly. I was like, 'what?!' In less than a year she blew up and had followers in AZ? Then I come back home and people are her for Halloween, or just dressing like her on a daily basis. But those are her die-hard monsters. That's what they're called, right? Monsters?
Ha ha, don't pretend you don't know.
Ha ha, I'm totally cool guy-ing the situation like I'm out of the loop. Of course I know.
But if you'd have had creative control, what would you have done differently?
I would've made it more Helmut Newton-esque - I was obsessed with him at the time. Stylish and sex-driven with a bit of bourgeois pizazz.
Do you know if she ever saw the photos?
Well, she probably didn't have a publicist then so probably not. And, it took them three years to put it out so she probably didn't even Google herself anymore at that point to see it. She probably has someone who searches for pics of her online, or what have you. I heard her PR agents were buying pre-fame photos of her so that people couldn't solicit them to publications.
I heard that. I also heard that when the kid filmed Miley Cyrus smoking salvia, one of Miley's people turned up at his house the next day and bought his camera and computer for a ton of money then went and did the same to everyone he'd sent it to. Gaga's people didn't make you an offer then?
I wish someone would buy them so I wouldn't have to be asked about them again. I want a shoot rebate!
You're kinda sick of hearing about them then?
Well, it was a great opportunity, so I don't wanna bad-mouth it or anything. But, it would just be nice if, when you Googled me, something other than Lady Gaga came up. I don't think the photos look very professional. They don't represent my rapport with people in any way.

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