Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Cover

For Tony Bennett's upcoming album, Duets II, he has collaborated with the late Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, and most recently, Lady Gaga. The Lady and Mr. Bennett covered the classic song, "The Lady is a Tramp," which is filled to the brim with their sweet crooners and her feisty one-liners. The eighty-five year old Bennett seems completely amused by Lady Gaga, boyishly giggling after each of her lines, and even goes as far to say, "I never met a more talented person in my life—I think she's going to become as big as Elvis Presley." Duets II is set to hit stores on September 20th.

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