Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cornell University's damning review of the Keystone XL Pipeline

From the paper:

The project will create no more than 2,500-4,650 temporary direct construction jobs for two years

The company’s claim that KXL will create 20,000 direct construction and manufacturing jobs in the U.S is not substantiated.

There is strong evidence to suggest that a large portion of the primary material input for KXL—steel pipe—will not even be produced in the United States.

The industry’s claim that KXL will create 119,000 total jobs (direct, indirect, and induced) is based on a flawed and poorly documented study commissioned by TransCanada (The Perryman Group study). Perryman wrongly includes over $1 billion in spending and over 10,000 person-years of employment for a section of the Keystone project in Kansas and Oklahoma that is not part of KXL and has already been built.

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