Saturday, December 17, 2011

How can people think Iran isn't a threat?

Seriously, how can you believe that Iran isn't a threat to the world right, now? Let me list out their transgressions in recent times.

by DayManNightMan
  1. Iran recently led an invasion against one of our neighbors that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians... possibly topping 1 million. They did this on a premise that they knew to be false at the time as well. This clearly shows their aggressive and possibly sociopath government.
  2. Iran has set up numerous military bases outside of America, ready to strike at any time. How can you not see this?
  3. Iran has been flying spy drones over America, and all we did to counter it was bring it down in a non violent way. I feel we handled the situation well. Shoot, had we been flying over Iran they would have no doubt invaded us by now because that's what they do.
  4. Iran has a larger military budget than any 10 countries combined. (Based on raw amount spent.) They also have thousands more nuclear missiles than the U.S. does, and unlike us, Iran has shown they will use them. Scary!
Come on look at the facts. Iran has been aggressive for years and it clearly a grave threat to the world. Anyone NOT cheering for the politicians that want to remove our embassy and invade Iran is clearly a terrorist.
(If you miss the point of this, please do us a favor and move to Atlantis.)

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