Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Masters of the Mix Competition Announces Country’s Hottest DJ

Masters of the Mix which premiered November 5, 2011 and aired Saturdays @ Midnight on BET have announced their season two winner.

Master of the Mix 2012 season began with auditions in Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, New York and Detroit, Michigan.
The auditions focused on the country’s hottest DJ’s—each with their own unique story, but all at the top of their game and hand-picked from thousands. The DJ contestants performed for the crowds with music industry heavyweights judging their every move as they competed for $250k. Host and music producer Just Blaze, along with judges Kid Capri, Amber Rose and Vikter Duplaix orchestrate increasingly difficult tasks each week to test the contestants' technical skills and ability to keep the crowd rocking all night long. Contestants were eliminated each show until only one DJ was left. This year's winner....

D.J.P is Danny Phillips, a party-rocking Hip Hop DJ hailing from Springfield, Missouri and member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew. You probably know him as one of the pioneers of "blending", a style now commonly referred to as the mash-up.


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