Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something For The Eye: Chip Phillips Photography

"Frosty Morning Palouse"    Early spring sunrise in the Palouse Hills of Washington State.

"Barn and Rainbow, Palouse"    Stormy skies over the Palouse created this fantastic rainbow right next to a favorite barn of mine.

"Cottonwood Rows Palouse"    Spring Cottonwoods seen from Steptoe Butte at sunset.

"Balsam Root and Tree at Sunset Palouse"    Spring wildflowers in the Palouse at sunset  The small peak in the distance is Steptoe Butte.

"Palouse Lupine Rays"    Wildflowers and crepuscular rays seen from the foothills of Steptoe Butte.  Palouse, eastern Washington State

"Sunset Glow, Palouse"    The multi-colored hills of the Palouse, seen during early spring at sunset.  Shot from Steptoe Butte, Palouse, Washington State

"Lone Tree, Palouse Hills"    A break in the clouds allowed some evening light through to light up this river and lone tree.  Palouse Hills, eastern Washington State.
"Golden Swirls Palouse"    Golden light blankets the hills of the Palouse.  Late summer harvest, Palouse, Washington State

Chip Phillips Photography

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