Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why do we trust our government with 8,500 Nuclear Weapons, but not to administer Health Care?

by anthonyjohn24

The United States military is one of the most highly funded, highly organized, and deadly forces on the planet. Why can't health care be an extension of the government like the military is? If our government can afford the most expensive military on Earth why can't they afford to provide us with health care. It would undoubtedly save more American lives.

*In addition to the 5,000 warheads in the military stockpile, approximately 3,500 retired warheads are awaiting dismantlement. In addition, nearly 14,000 plutonium cores (pits) and some 5,000 Canned Assemblies (secondaries) are in storage.
Most non-strategic nukes were retired after the end of the Cold War, we currently have 200 non-strategic nuclear weapons deployed.

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