Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This May Sound Harsh, but Please Have a Read

by ak11

I don't think anyone can deny that our world is a mess right now. The Middle East and Africa are suffering through brutal atrocities and South America remains corrupt.
Even in the 1st world (Europe, USA, Canada), everything is extremely unstable right now and economies are in a terrible state, poverty and unemployment is rising while the rich keep getting richer and never seem to suffer or sacrifice. The country that seems to be on the rise, China, is extremely corrupt, silences speech, and treats its citizens like garbage.
Would anyone else agree that they are excited for the current class of leaders in their 50's and 60's, the ones who hold economic and political power, to just retire, or even 'pass on'? The baby boomer generation will be the first to leave the world in a worse state than they inherited.
Greed, ignorance, corruption, ego, and myopic thinking have put our global world in a very uncertain state, the people running things can not leave soon enough. Can they just f*ck off already and step away from the dilemmas they have created!?
I am in my late 20's, and while I will openly admit that my generation is far from perfect, I feel that we do not possess that same destructive qualities of the baby boomers. We have a more worldly view, more tolerance, and polls in the West have revealed that we value time over money much more than our parents do.

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