Friday, May 18, 2012

Something that you HAVE to hear - Dolly Parton's other voice. - slowed down.

Dolly Parton's Other Voice

FACT: Dolly Parton is two amazing singers. If you slow her songs down (as if you were playing an old 45 at 33rpm) she sounds completely different and really terrific.
Here’s her song 9 to 5 at regular speed. Listen for a few seconds just to remember the feel of it.
Now here’s the same song, slowed down to a bluesy lament:
Okay, you say, but that’s a quick, up-tempo song. Surely you couldn’t do it to one of her ballads. No? Try her signature song Jolene.
Here’s the original:
And here’s the haunting, slow version:
I’ve always loved Dolly, but somehow this makes me respect her singing and songwriting even more. Freaky.

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