Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Occupy Bilderberg

By J.G. Vibes
May 29, 2012
If you have decided to join the grassroots activist call to occupy Bilderberg, then you are most likely in the process of getting ready for your trip.
For those of you that are still on the fence about going I have one last article that will hopefully convince you to hit the road yourself, and be a part of the new media for this year’s event.
The following is a list that covers many of the points I have discussed, and some that I haven’t in a quick and easy format for easy reading and sharing.  I have appreciated all of the tips, suggestions and other emails I have gotten over the past month on this topic, and I have really enjoyed working with theintelhub bringing you this information…..So if you’re not already convinced, here are the top ten reasons to occupy Bilderberg (or atleast my top reasons):
1.  Cover many important issues in one spot - With so many different problems facing our species at the same time, getting involved in activism can seem like fighting an octopus with infinite tentacles, or more appropriately an “infinipus” as Madison Rupert described on end the lie radio this Sunday while discussing the global aristocracy with Bob Tuskin, Curt Williams and myself.  At the Bilderberg meeting you can find all of those tentacles (or at least most of them) in one place.
The power structure that exploits us does not start and end with Bilderberg, and is more philosophical in nature than anything.  However the people that do control the worlds land, resources, media and political control systems are all represented as this meeting, making it a “one stop shop” of sorts, in regards to activism.  As I have been saying all month, the military industrial complex, banking interests, royalty, mainstream media, and other predatory organizations are involved with this meeting.  This is not necessarily because these groups get along all of the time, they just happen to share the common goal of land, finance and resource centralization.
2.  Keep up the pressure – the only reason why Bilderberg is even talked about now is because of the hard work of independent media in the past.  Now that those involved with Bilderberg are finally admitting its existence, it’s time to overpower the mainstream media’s watered down and uninformative depiction of the group.  Especially with the recent surge in activism, this is a perfect opportunity to gain ground on an organization who has managed to stay out of the spotlight for all of these years.
3.  Outgrow the mainstream media – The mainstream media is a joke in so many ways.  Not only do they provide a completely fictional version of reality for the general population, but they have largely lost relevance due to the rise of the decentralized alternative media in the past decade.  In so many ways this meeting represents the incredible dishonesty of the mainstream media, and mainstream culture as a whole, but most people don’t even realize it because they don’t even know that this organization exists.  However, if they were to find out about this organization because thousands of independent people became the media themselves and did the work that the mainstream media hasn’t been doing, that would radically change the whole political paradigm in the entire world.
4.  Identify the real ruling class – As I discussed in detail in my article “Identify Bilderberg as the real 1%”, the Bilderberg group is a meeting of the world’s aristocracy, whose names are surprisingly absent in discussions about global inequality.  Unfortunately, “the ruling class” is just some vague abstraction for most people, but in reality there is a group of aristocrats who are descendants of the feudal slave masters from the Middle Ages.  These people have names and  they also have fortune 100 companies that all have ties to the Bilderberg group.  Bringing these names and organizations into the light would finally define “the ruling class”.
5.  Bring think tanks into the political discussion – While the general population is trapped in the arguments of the false left/right paradigm, there are think tanks and policy institutes compiled of aristocrats who are literally writing all of the legislation that eventually gets forced through congress by lobbyists.  Getting the political discussion away from the meaningless politicians and towards the groups that give them their orders would be a huge step in the right direction for the freedom movement.
6.  Document ties between politicians, multinational corporations and royalty – This is the aspect that should be most appealing to occupy wall street, who has been justly speaking out against financial influence in Washington.  Bilderberg is a consolidation of some of the oldest money in the world, and they have openly admitted to setting global policy, from war to economic measures, to picking presidents.  Bilderberg is the very epitome of this corruption between political and financial interests that has taken center stage in the past year.  This is the group that owns wallstreet and Washington, so this is by far the most fitting place for occupy wall street to go next.  This is the perfect place to prove and document the corruption that is taken place, so the general public will no longer have the ability to deny it.
7.  Peaceful gathering  Thanks to the mainstream media, protesting in general has gotten a pretty bad wrap.  Overall, most protestors for any cause are generally peaceful, and I predict that Bilderberg will be even calmer than most.  From what I have seen of those supporting “occupy Bilderberg”, it seems like everyone is on the same page.  Everyone that I have come into contact with has been extremely well read and understands that violence accomplishes nothing, especially when fighting a propaganda battle against a group of people who have all of the military force in the world.  I am also predicting that the police wont be starting much trouble either, because the last thing that the Bilderberg group wants is a police riot on their behalf broadcasting worldwide.
8. Unify activists - It doesn’t matter if you think that wall street is to blame for our current crisis, or if you think that the government is to blame, either way this organization is in control of both of those institutions so this should be a mission that we can all agree on.  If we want to create a free society, we are going to need to find some common ground and work from there. With the world caught up in war, austerity and financial collapse many different people from many different walks of life have begun to speak up, all of us wanting freedom, but all of us also having different ideas about what freedom is and how to get there. There is no reason why the Bilderberg group cannot be that common ground from which we begin to clear a path towards freedom.
9. The ripple effect -  For far too long people who have cared about freedom and imagined a better world for our species have felt alone in their interests, and have been forced onto the fringes of society.  The attention that this year’s Bilderberg has gotten, and the increasing interest in activism should tell us that we are far from alone, and that our numbers are growing by the day.  There is still a lot of work to be done though, and every action that you take will have a ripple effect on other people and on the global situation as a whole.  The ripple effect that a strong turnout this year at Bilderberg would cause is unimaginable, so I’m sure that’s something that you would like to be a part of :-) 
10. Now or Never - It has been four years since Bilderberg has last met in the US, so chances are they won’t be back for a while…..Now is your chance….
J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist — with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts politically chargeelectronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his new book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website www.aotmr.com and facebook page.

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