Sunday, September 2, 2012

No one has gone to jail for crashing the world economy, torture or unconstitutional wiretaps. There is however room in our jails for people who share files or smoke pot. This is not a justice system. It is an exploitation system.

by Stellarwind

I'm pretty sure we all know this, even those of us who can't accept it consciously. The question is, what then is there to do about it?
The people responsible for gambling the world into financial collapse in '08 got off scot free. The DOJ just cleared the CIA of any wrongdoing in torture cases and mysterious deaths of suspects. No charges against sheriff Joe, who runs effectively an open air Mexican concentration camp. Trillions go missing from the Federal Reserve and no one wants to even mention it. John Corzine faces no charges despite also "losing" billions. Police investigations rarely punish an officer even if there's video evidence of police brutality. Yet a citizen in LA who writes "Hug the Police" in chalk on a sidewalk gets roughed up and thrown in jail, this among thousands of similar bullshit cases.
Yes, the justice system is a tool designed to protect the elite, and is far from justice. So again, what do we do about it?

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