Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Miss Bumbum Brasil 2012.' Competition To Crown The Female With The Best Butt In Brazil NSFW

 Ahh Brazil, the land of beautiful sandy beaches and lovely women. Also the place where the annual Miss Bumbum Brazil contest is held.

500 women enter the competition each year hoping to be crowned the female with the perfect butt. 27 ladies are picked from that group for the finals. One from each of Brazil's Federative Units, according to the New York Daily News.

Online voting determines the 15 finalists They will then travel to São Paolo in November to compete in front of a panel of judges for the ultimate prize.

Rosana Ferreira won the competition in 2011. She credited years of ballet with helping her gain the perfect rear end.

Rosana Ferreira

Rosana Ferreira

"[Brazilians] definitely have a thing with butts," said Brazilian Graciela Murano, writer and editor for Oddee, according to the Huffington Post"Every woman has read about it and won't admit it," she said, "and every man's dream is to be a part of the judging team."

The official website for the contest says that a recent survey of Spanish men indicates that 81% of them prefer women with curves and big butts and could care less about cellulite.

The winner of the contest takes home $5,000 in prize money, with second prize taking home $3,000 and third place taking $2,000.

Miss Bumbum Brazil 2012 - Intro

Miss Bumbum Brasil 2012 competition

Check out some of the 2012 contestant videos below.

Grasiela Amorim

Ana Melo

Amanda Sampaio

Cibele Ribeiro

Ludmila Lopez

Gisele Soares

Aline Bernardes

Nuely Alves

Ana Júlia

Carine Felizardo

Ana Paula

Marianne Ranieri

Priscilla Freitas

Cris Andrade

Isis Gomes

Suelen Mercês

Andressa Urach

Camila Vernaglio

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