Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beautiful photos of President Barack Obama (41 pictures)

Beautiful Obama photos 41 pictures

Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black U.S. President.

He shows many facets, from the serious and professional President who does his job very well, to the charismatic leader who is the idol of many. 

Barack Obama is a cool guy, one of those people we would all like to have as friend, a decent person, he is human, playful, serious and fair.

See the photos:

Obama and Michelle

Obama making fun at a colleague, he put more weight on the scales

Obama's daughter about to surprise her father

Barack Obama working

Obama unexpectedly, for his guest's surprise, suggests that they move the coach so the journalists could see them better

Obama becoming the 44th US President

Obama (before he was President) waiting to be announced for a speech

Obama with the actors from Modern Family who were making a visit to the White House

Obama greeting one of White House's janitors

Obama bowing while being greeted by the Japanese Imperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Obama not worried

Obama greeting a cop while he was heading to a meeting with the English Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London

Obama asking is Republican colleague to make a barrier for him while he was entering the room for a debate with the Republicans

Obama and Michelle in a Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel concert, one week before he was elected

Before been elected Senator Barack Obama, speaks to a crowd under the rain in Pennsylvania

Obama coming back from a campaign is received by wife and children

Obama surprises a family going to their yard

After seeing two individual pass and make two chin ups, Obama not wanting to be left behind, made five and then went to do his speech at the University of Montana, USA

Woman crying seeing Obama

A woman who lost her son in Iraq

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