Sunday, December 2, 2012

Before the next election cycle, I will be registering as a Republican

by proteus4585

So that I can vote in the primaries. Before you ask, I voted, but am currently unaffiliated.
Back-story: I live in Kansas, albeit in one of two counties (parishes for you Louisianans) that voted for Obama in 2012. Our four US Representatives are, according to one study, the most conservative delegation in the country. In our State Senate, moderate Republicans and a handful of Democrats have often stood together in quasi-partisan fashion to block some of the most conservative legislation. One such piece of legislation was the Kansas Personhood Act, which says that life begins at the moment of conception, essentially making abortion illegal, with no exceptions for rape, incest or endangering the life of the mother. This piece of legislation was never voted on, because they felt it was unlikely to pass, but we may see it again next year.
During the primaries this year, after being targeted by a number of conservative Republicans in both state government and PACs, six out of eight moderate Republican incumbents were defeated by conservative challengers. All six of those conservative candidates were elected. Which means that conservative Republicans will control the Senate next year. They already control the House.
So, in order to take a personal stand on Kansas’ shift to the far right I will register as a Republican. This will allow me to vote in the primary elections so that I can vote for more moderate Republicans and hopefully help drag Kansas closer to the middle. I encourage you to do the same if you feel your state is too far right. If you live in a blue state that you feel is too far to the left, register as a Democrat and try to bring your state closer to the middle.
Added bonus, this may also help deter gerrymandering.
tl;dr If you live in a state that you feel is too far left or right, register as that party (Republican or Democrat) and vote moderate in the primaries. (Assuming your state uses the primary system.)

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