Sunday, March 9, 2014

Do you know that the US is FIGHTING public healthcare around the world, trying to force other countries to end their public healthcare so they have to pay more for drugs, etc. That THAT is the REAL reason we CAN'T have affordable healthcare in the US?

by christ0ph

That is an important fact that all Americans should be aware of, because it explains why we always get the same rehashed proposals for healthcare and never get real affordable health care. We need to look at how the US has been trying to block public healthcare systems through treaties like CAFTA, TPP, GATS and others, to really understand why we ended up with such bad proposals from presidential campaigns of Obama and Hilary Clinton in 2008.
They proposed pre-broken, for profit schemes because thats all the US-written trade agreements allow. AND THEY WERE NOT HONEST WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT THAT.
Nor was Harry Reid who dishonestly implied that Obamacare was a "stepping stone to single payer" NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH, because in fact, the US is pushing mandatory irreversible blocks which BYPASSING DEMOCRACY- prevent public healthcare systems from being established in countries once they sign these agreements, and try to roll back existing ones..
They are doing the same coercive things here - to us. In fact, Obamacare's use of foreign contractors is likely to give those foreign contractors a legal entitlement to stay here selling their management services FOREVER (which is an awfully long time) blocking affordable healthcare by international treaties that are intentionally irreversible because of investor-state. People who want affordable healthcare [have to learn this unpleasant set of facts about the free trade "agreements" which reveals the fact that both parties have been scheming to trap the US into irreversible (because the lock-in will be - due to WTO agreement- i.e. out of US politicians hands - (something similar happened to South Africa)- So, even if we are soon in an unaffordable healthcare situation for the benefit of the big corporate interests such as the drug companies and the insurance companies, we wont be able to change it by means of anything we could do in an election, at all.. Oops! The recent WTO tribunal case with Antigua and the US dispute over online gambling (which the US lost) illustrates how this lock in can occur "inadvertently"- That's because its the default.
The reason we cannot have affordable healthcare ourselves, then, really is that since they want to export the horrible US for profit model around the world by coercive trade agreements, it would be inconsistent and therefore its in practical terms impossible for us to have affordable healthcare when we (the US policies and US promoted "agreements" don't want to let others have it.
They are using these agreements coercively, by mens of "investor-state" lawsuits, saying that privatization is the future, and the "agreements" "ratchet effect" make any movement towards privatization irreversible- So, not only is it a lie that Obamacare coud lead to single payer, their pointed refusal to tell the truth about this irreversible aspect of it, should tell us its a trap. One of the first things they did was hire an international prison and government services firm "the firm that is running britain" to administer the roll-out. That makes it international trade. Oops.
Also, they are making money by taking something very important from us, but we are not receiving any compensation for it, just grief. Also, eventually they will use the high cost of healthcare as a manufactured crisis to start trading away US jobs in health care for access to foreign markets under the "fourth mode of supply", thats also probably their plan with education. Their argument will be that public services are a form of stealing of markets from their rightful "owners"- The real reason is that public services are too damn efficient and they do not lend themselves to frequent "churning" to generate kickbacks and funnel money to supporters. (They are lying about that too)

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