Saturday, January 14, 2012

Find Your Climate Cookers: The New EPA Interactive Map of Worst Greenhouse Gas Emitters (maybe where you live?)

The global policy community seems unlikely to take drastic steps with regard to climate change any time soon. Politicians remain hesitant about taking action, although scientific consensus on climate change is overwhelming. It’s happening, it’s happening now, and it will cause massive damage. And it’s mostly caused by humans. Public opinion, on the other hand, is far behind the science. Are politicians unwilling to impose dramatic measures to slow down climate change because the public is unwilling to pay the cost – yet? Are they kicking the can down the road because the people are not yet willing to fully embrace the fact and the consequences of climate change?

EPA develops the national greenhouse gas inventory each year to track the national trend in emissions and removals since 1990. The national greenhouse gas inventory is submitted to the United Nations in accordance with the Framework Convention on Climate Change The national greenhouse gas inventory is a comprehensive, sectoral level accounting of all human-related sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The emissions presented in the U.S. greenhouse gas inventory are generally based on national-level statistics.
Here's a link to the EPA site where you can look up greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities in your area. 
Greenhouse Gas Data Publication Tool

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