Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland 1/28/12

Uploaded by  on Jan 30, 2012
I edited this footage and added annotations to give people an idea of what transpired, because nothing else is currently available on youtube, and at least 300 people have, in my opinion, been unjustly arrested.

First of all, This is almost entirely from the incredible footage that was recorded by OakFoSho. He filmed for about 12 hours straight Saturday, until the early morning hours on Sunday. He was always in the thick of things, and at the best place in the thick of things. Without this footage, police and media claims from this past weekend would be irrefutable. OakFoSho has stated clearly that his footage may be reused as long as proper credit is given. Please consider supporting the work he is doing, it is invaluable:


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