Thursday, March 22, 2012

200 police and not even one EMT. That shreds the mythical public safety line the city uses to crack down on the OWS protesters

by theodorAdorno

It is difficult to crystallize the totality of what this means. The City, if nothing else, is concerned with ass-covering. No agency is immune. It runs from the top official down to the cop on the beat. You have a family to support, lawyers are stalking, so you always cover your ass.
Until now.
So complete is the tunnel vision of the city to squash any vector which may pose a threat to property value, that for one brief, blissful municipal-blink-of-an-eye, numerous agencies have apparently decided life is too short to spend it on ass-covering.
Carpe diem, but keep your eye on the prize.
If you can station 200 police at a park ahead of a rally for public safety reasons, you can put one ambulance there. If it's a big enough deal to blow all that money on riot police overtime, it's a big enough deal to have a medical professional nearby.
Too much?
Ok. Just one EMT with a field kit.
Still too much?
How about Just clearing even a single certified (or un-certified) medical professional to cross police lines in the event of an emergency with one individual.
Still too much?
The city cares more about squashing protest than public safety, and it is probably not politically motivated. It could be some misguided attempt at protecting delicate ears of financial elites. It could just be about property value.

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