Saturday, April 21, 2012

Editorial Letter to the Erie-Times News Pointing Out the Absurd Hypocrisy of Socio-Religious Conservatives

This gem in the Friday (4/20/12) edition of the Erie-Times News.

Gender Reversal Equally Ridiculous
What if the Blessed Mother inspired me to start a new religion? In that religion, only women would be in power and be allowed to run the church, make the rules and celebrate the religious services.
When that religion became more powerful and expanded, we could buy a lot of land and build hospitals and colleges. Of course, none of these would have to pay property taxes, and private citizens would have to pay more tax on their properties to make up the difference, but who cares? After all, shouldn't the religious organizations get the most benefits? If you complain about that, you might be considered un-American and against the Constitution!
And what if, this religious organization discriminated against men? Besides not being in any position of authority, all men who worked for the organization, in any capacity, would be told what their health insurance would and would not cover. That would be based on the beliefs of the women in the church hierarchy, of course.
Also, we would have to encourage all state and federal legislators to make new laws about men's health and bodies. Men would not be allowed to use Viagra (or any similar male enhancements) or purchase condoms without undergoing an invasive genital scan to make sure they knew what they were doing. It wouldn't matter if a man had consulted with his physician or not.
We could call those laws the "Men's Right to Know" laws. Of course, the men would have to pay for those scans and any "enhancement" medications and devices themselves, because, as a religious organization, we could not approve that kind of medical insurance support.
It sounds almost as ridiculous as what is actually happening in our country today.
D. Homan|Millcreek Township

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