Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amazing examples of superhuman speed and accuracy

The reaction time of a modern Samurai (Isao Machii):

The reaction time of a Dragster driver at the starting line (Hillary Will):

The reaction time of an arrow catcher (Terry Bryan) :

The reaction time of the fastest gunslinger (Bob Munden):

For accuracy…
Pure archery accuracy:

The accuracy of a soccer player (Rémi Gaillard):

The accuracy of a wide receiver (Larry Fitzgerald):

Testing your speed and accuracy as a driver:

You can test your own reaction time here:

Fastball reaction time
I can consistently get 0.19 or so on this reaction time test, and 0.16 is the best I have gotten. It’s funny to think of that as “chemical processing time”. The photons hit the retina, where chemical reactions fire down the optic nerves to the visual center in the brain. From there signals go to the cortex to fire signals down the spine to my forearm, where a muscle twitches to click the mouse. It is entirely chemical… and it takes 0.19 seconds for it all to happen.

Get inside the brain of the mastermind of HowStuffWorks.

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