Friday, July 27, 2012

Why do Republicans and capitalists support a tax system that raises taxes on the poor while cutting them for the rich?

by Druddy9

An analysis of Romney's tax plan (and Obama's) here
Are they just too self-centered?
Want to see the Adam Smith statement? Read Wealth of Nations or the Wikipedia article
For those who don't think Ezra Klein's graph is enough (he's usually pretty good with data): here is the Brookings table. Attention to the Lowest and Highest quintiles.


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  2. Its not self centered to want to let the people who earn a living not have to pay for the people who don't. Its also because much of the upper class are business owners who, if they don't have to pay crazy amounts in taxes have the money to hire more people which creates jobs for poor people as apposed to just giving them money. Not only is this more just, but it is also more effective. By giving the poor a system in which they don't have to work hard they become dependent on the government handouts instead of getting a job and working for a living.