Saturday, December 21, 2013

No Texting During a Neil Young Concert,. Young threw water on a woman who did

There was an interesting moment during the Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert in Bridgeport, CT earlier this month.

Apparently some folks near the stage were texting during the concert and Neil took a few moments to come over and mock them. Here's how Dave S. on Facebook recalls the incident during the song "F*!#in' Up":
Here is the deal.

We were standing stage right at the front of the stage. The 2 women were texting on their iphones for a bunch of the show, one was doing it much more than the other. I was wearing my Hartford Whaler jersey and at one point I got the odd feeling that Neil was looking at the jersey so I held it up for him to see, he smiled and rolled his eyes and laughed, then he smirked and shrugged his head.

I was confused and also kinda thinking I may be halucinating this whole thing due to the atonal feedback that was coming out of the amps but, I was not. He continues to give me a look and then I realize the women in front of me and on the side are both texting with their heads down in their phones. He was annoyed.

Neil now drops what he is doing and walks towards her and just starts mocking her pretending to text and move images on his invisible smart phone. The mocking went on for seriously about a minute. Enough time for me to turn to my pal Chad and say he is messing with her, Chad agreed and said wholy $$$%%. I then took a few pics while this is going on.

I then leaned over to the women and said, Neil is talking to you. She ignored me and kept texting with her head down, 10 seconds later I said, "HEY, look up, Neil is talking to you", she looked at him and he had this amazing fierce look while he still mocked her. He had both evil eyes right on her pupils and it was as the song was saying completely "Fuc*ed Up".

She then realized what was happening, got pissed and mouthed to him "your a Fu%ken As$hole". He did not respond but then walked over to the other guys and riffed vocally on the whole thing for about the next 7 minutes of the song. The woman kept turning to her friend saying, I called him a etc etc etc. Well, the song finally ends and Neil slyly grabs a big old glass bottle of fancy Voss water off the drum riser, walks in our direction and with quite the angry face (like that Johnny Cash face in that famous picture where he is flipping the bird) throws a big old fat stream of water right at her.

He actually hit a few friends of mine but did get some on his target. She turned to her friend and again said, "what a fu#ken As$hole" and they stormed outta there.

Neil looked over and was looking for his new pals, our eyes met again, I waved my thumb to say they had cleared out, he smiled. Yup, that happened. Here is a pic of the women texting while Neil was mocking her.
So there you have it. See for yourself below. starts at 04:35


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