Friday, July 18, 2014

Awkward high-fives and handshakes

Image creadit: John Wiechecki
High five phrase is related to the slang “give me five” which is a request for some form of hand greeting with ‘five’ referring to the number of fingers on a hand. There’s all sorts of variations of highfives, but the best ones are the failed and cringe-worthy. Here’s twelve gif collection of handshakes or high fives gone wrong. Oh so wrong.

1. Rugby, John Key

handshakes 1

2. Welcome seremony

handshakes 2

3. NBA, Celtics hangaround

handshakes celtics

4. World Cup 2014, Chile vs Spain

handshakes chile vs spain

5. Finnish Ice hockey coaches

handshakes finland

6. Joseph Gordon-Lewitt

handshakes gordon-levitt merchant

7. Neymar

handshakes neymar

8. Barack Obama

handshakes obama

9. Maria Kirilenko

handshakes ovechin

10. Randy Jackson

handshakes randy jackson

11. Ryan Seacrest

handshakes seacrest

12. Swedish Talkshow

handshakes svt1

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