Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welfare is not for the lazy, it's for the unfortunate. We are being subjected to propaganda from the wealthy class to make us believe that being in need is the result of vice.

by JohnnyBeagle

I was on welfare. The notion that welfare is just lazy people taking unfair advantage of the system is a big fat lie. It's meant to trick you into thinking that people in need are immoral and lazy. I worked for 30 years and was out of work for for one year. In the one year, my kids got free lunch at school, free field trips, and free sports. My wife and I both received life saving medical treatment from Medicaid, for free. After that year, my wife and I were both back to work, paying in and we will be paying in for another 20 years if we're lucky. That's the point. No one wants to be on welfare. Well, okay there is a small number of rich & poor alike who don't mind getting money for doing nothing, but most of us? We want to work, give, participate, be a part of something, be respected. I am sick & tired of seeing working class people rising up against welfare. They are slitting their own throats.

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