Saturday, September 20, 2014

In 44 days America will have the opportunity to pay Congress back for all of it's hard work, we owe it to our Representatives to vote this November

by OneYearSteakGuy

Every two years we get the chance to fire every single member of the House of Representatives, and on November 4th our two year wait is up! If you don't step up and act you'll miss your chance to go to the polls and make your voice heard. We owe it to Congress to show them just how much we appreciate all their hard work and tireless dedication to our country.

Congress worked just 126 days in 2013, that averages out to around 2.5 days per week.
Wouldn't it be great if the American working class could have a four day weekend, every week for the entire year? Or maybe just one massive 34 week paid vacation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself between now and November:
I'd also like to address some of the common concerns when I try to encourage people to vote:
  • "They're all the same anyway."
  • "Not voting is the same as a vote of no confidence."
    • We have tried not voting before. In fact we have tried not voting sixteen times in the last seventy years. Less than half of eligible voters turned out for midterm elections in 1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010 which means that in 100% of midterm elections since 1950 a minority of Americans were allowed to pick a new House of Representatives.
    • Not voting is tantamount to saying "Things are good enough in my life that I'm going to let you keep your job" because why would an elected official change anything if they're reelected? They don't care if they win with 100% turnout or if they win with 10% turnout just as long as they win.
    • Not voting just gives more power to the people who do show up.
  • "Voting doesn't change anything anyway."
    • Nothing changes all at once but our history is riddled with slow but steady progress. We have seen since 2010 the damage that can be caused by a single election, how one bad election can slow progress to a crawl and even drag us backwards. Voting can and does make a difference, but first you need to vote.
  • "My vote doesn't count."
    • No, your vote alone won't win the election. Vote anyway. You; by yourself, won't win a tug-of-war, that's why we all work together and we need you to pull your weight, especially now.
  • "My district is gerrymandered too much for the opposition to stand a chance."
    • Gerrymandering has no effect on state-wide elections, so if you don't vote because of gerrymandering you're missing out on the opportunity to vote for Governor, Senator and any of a number of ballot initiatives.
  • "There's no one on the ballot that represents me, or represents my views."
    • Then you need to represent your views for yourself. Go to the polling place and write in "NO CONFIDENCE" for any; or all, of the eligible seats. Not voting says nothing but "Everything is fine, my life is good, I don't want anything to change" so go and vote "NO CONFIDENCE" and make your voice heard.
  • "If voting changed anything it would be illegal."
    • For the vast majority of human history voting was functionally illegal, as leaders were picked through birth or war or appointment or God. The very thought of letting the people vote was considered dangerous and absurd.
    • When our country was founded it was illegal for anyone except white, land owning males to vote.
    • It was illegal for African Americans to vote until 1870.
    • It was practically illegal for African Americans to vote until 1965.
    • It was illegal for women to vote until 1920.
    • It was illegal for 18 year-olds to vote until 1971.
  • "Why should I have to choose between a Douche Turd and a Giant Sandwich?"
    • I guess you should have voted in the primaries so that D. Turd and G. Sandwich would never have gotten to the general election...
    • Also: No human is so black or white, no policy is so clearly right or wrong, no political party is so good or evil. The Sandwich analogy is a painful oversimplification of both voting and of political candidates.
There are those who will try to tell you that they're too weak, that they're actions and votes are worthless, that it is better to sit in silence than to stand up and be counted; these people have become so convinced of their powerless impotence that they will try to convince others of the same thing. Just like an alcoholic will try to force you to drink, the timid will try to force you to stay silent. Smile and nod and vote anyway, because you are not weak, you are not powerless, you are not impotent unless you let yourself be.
Think of them like the fat friend that's always trying to convince you to eat cake.
The biggest point I would like to make here is that yes, your vote does count. The person who convinces you not to vote, votes twice.
Now watch this video and go kick some ass!

The following states allow paperless, online voter registration. You can register in minutes, and no further action is necessary aside from showing up and in some cases having a photo ID.
The following states require paper registration. You will have to print out the form in your states link, fill it out and mail it in.

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