Thursday, March 22, 2012

How The Internet Is Creating New Possibilities For Artists Online

How The Internet Is Creating New Possibilities For Artists Online

by The Creators Project Staff

The short video opens up with Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter, talking about the platform’s success in funding creative works. The platform revolutionized arts funding by empowering artists to take fundraising into their own hands, at a very low risk for artists, and simultaneously opened the door for new patrons of the arts. Did you know that Kickstarter is almost set to out-fund the United States’ National Endowment for the Arts?! That’s a big deal.
Lawrence Lessig, co-founder of Creative Commons, speaks about how his company is liberating and protecting artists and their works through their series of customizable licenses. CC licenses let artists choose the level of control they want to place on their works, enabling the creatives to choose how their work is or isn’t shared and attributed.
And last but not least, Ciel Hunter and Julia Kaganskiy, Creative Director and Global Editor of The Creators Project, respectively, talk about how we’re extending the lives of artistic experiences by bringing physical experiences online—as with Chris Milk’s Summer Into Dust installation during Arcade Fire’s Coachella set—and supporting digital artists like Rafaël Rozendaal, whose artworks exist primarily online. Then we bring both types of works to life in the real world during our global events.
Are you an artist that uses digital tools in innovative ways? Make sure to check out the Gallery and The Studio for opportunities to be featured on The Creators Project blog and at our events.


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